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In the year 2030 the world is overwhelmed by an armed conflict between NATO and Russia. All laws are broken. Belgium is also affected by this conflict. By massively destroying our country they try to collapse our economy and the morale of our people.

Because of the many bombs and magnetic attacks. They have destroyed all satellites in orbit and ground cases. Modern communication is no longer possible.

The final rescue is the use of a centuries-old underground bunker from the Cold War era. A special team unit is deployed to enter the bunker and to restore power there by using an old communication device. It must ensure that the army is able to communicate again and to prepare itself for the battle.

There is one big problem. The bunker has been traced by the enemy! They are sending rockets to destroy the last hope of the country.

You only have 60 minutes before the rockets reach the bunker. Are you quick and cold-blooded enough to save the country and survive?

You determine the destiny. You can write history.

The country is counting on you.

May 2022
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